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2000 K
$ 2.857 / $ 2.8
jaxon814 (May,15/21)
5 / 5
I`ve done quite a few things through eznpc and I`ve only had the best experiences with them. They always go above and beyond to get things aligned in a way that fits my pretty hectic schedule and the groups that are se
Deejay (May,14/21)
5 / 5
Nice and easy, safe and fast.
Ronald Hubbard (May,08/21)
5 / 5
I have ordered two FFXIV from this company at two occasions. First time I had to make a telephone confirmation, except from that everything went smooth. Prices are good and delivery is made within minutes. I only have positiv
Edita (May,06/21)
5 / 5
trusted seller great Gils,fast deliver time~recomended
chartzog (May,02/21)
4 / 5
My order went through very fast. I Got into the group aftenmin, BUT, they summouned me to the Wrong Dungeon. When I spawned they kicked Me out of the group. I had to Wait 1 Hour before i Got my Mount. The Discord support
A. Woodmansee (Apr,26/21)
5 / 5
Got stuff for prices i couldnt find on other sites. Directions to redeem clear and precise. 3/3 got my FFXIV no problem.
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FFXIV Gil In Eznpc

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