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MrnDpty161 (Mar,17/23)
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Friendly support with efficient and professional Kinah!
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What is Aion Classic ?

Aion Classic is a classic game that reproduces the early content of Aion, launched in 2009. Eight professions, unforgettable copies, boss monsters, etc., all faithfully reproduce the situation at the time. In addition, some adjustments were made to the system of episode 2.7, which solved the pressure and balance problems of the initial content.
The basic gameplay of the classic service is free. You can generally play within 1 hour a day without any restrictions.
- If you play for more than 1 hour, the energy of the Shire will be lost, and the following shortcomings will occur.
- Brand new system that allows you to obtain various benefits through daily/weekly/seasonal missions
- Open to all players on a character-by-character basis, without any character level restrictions
- Diva Pass also plays a role service game with guide content in the classics-after completing the mission, you can immediately be in the game Get it in the inventory.
- You need to use the exclusive in-game points Kuna to unlock to get the value rewards.
- The concept of level exists in Divapass. The level will increase with the experience points gained when completing Divapass missions. Must complete daily/weekly/seasonal tasks to increase Divapass level.

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